To achieve consistency over all weekly Member competitions at Portsea the Match Committee have decided to change the Nearest the Pin prizes on Thursday and Saturday from Ball and Glass to Ball or Glass.

This change will mean all competitions including the Tuesdays Men’s Competition, Wednesday Women’s Competition, Thursday Competition and Saturday Competition will follow the same prize format for Nearest the Pins.

The additional funds acquired by changing this prize will mean an increase in the amount of Golf Balls distributed in the Ball rundown as to better award overall performance for the round.

If you win a Nearest the Pin prize during a competition you can select either a Ball or Glass at presentation​s. If you are not in attendance for presentation​s a $5.00 Credit will be added to your account and you can collect a Ball or Glass when next at the Club.

Alternativel​y, you can leave this on your account to use to make purchases in the Bar or Golf Shop.

This change will be implemented as of Thursday 28th September 2017.