Golf isn’t just a sport, it’s so much more. It is a hobby that combines exercise, the great outdoors, time with others, skill, and friendly competition. Julie Buller was introduced to golf by her parents at a young age but it wasn’t until a few years ago that she decided to really embrace all the game has to offer.

Julie’s father, a 50 year life member of Eastern Golf Club was a big advocate and encouraged Julie and her brothers to take up the game. Julie has been a member of Portsea for just over 7 years and joined with her partner and another couple in 2013 as she had a holiday home in Rye. Although she hadn’t played a lot of golf in previous years (previously a member at Rosanna), she was keen to play more than ever. It was her goal to improve her game and enjoy the outdoors playing golf with friends.

Julie likes to play twice a week now at Portsea with friends Kaye Tomlinson and Sandra Bain. All three were once members at Rosanna until they all became members of Portsea after relocating to the Mornington Peninsula a few years ago. Julie also loves to play with all of the girls from the club, everybody is so friendly and she has made some great new friendships. More than ever now, she is grateful to be a member of a golf club community. A few years ago Jenny Jeffreys suggested she put her name down with her and it made Julie realise that even the very best of golfers play with average golfers –  it is a game and is handicapped!!

Julie’s funniest moment at the club was teeing off on the 10th hole – she hit her drive straight into the tree, a bird dropped, but not a ball in sight – not how she expected her first birdie!! If personal achievements happen over the next few years for Julie she will be thrilled.  

Julie recently purchased a fit bit online to make sure she remained active during this time without golf. It was her goal to walk 15,000 steps a day and she has averaged that over the past five weeks. On many of her walks in isolation she has passed many Portsea Golf Club friends and feels very lucky to have access to such a beautiful backyard to walk in. When we are able to pick up a club and hit the course again, Julie will be back playing at Portsea spending time outdoors with friends.

The below photo of Julie and her friends in February this year.