The Club’s AGM was held on Sunday 8th October and the following are key outcomes.

John Norris did not seek re-election as President after several years on the Board, the last three as President.  The incoming President, Paul Cannon paid tribute to John for the many hours of valuable work he put in, in the interest of the Club.

Paul was elected unopposed and will be supported by Maree Smith, who was elected Vice President, also unopposed. In saying how he looked forward to working with the current Board, Paul also thanked Ken Damm for his contribution over the years, welcomed Eddie James to the Board and thanked Maree for accepting the position of Vice President.

Other members of the Board are Captain Andrew Colliver and Vice Captain Paul Kerin both re-elected unopposed, Treasurer David Holden, and general Board members Geoff Hay, John Mansell and Kevin Kee.

In summarising the Club’s financial situation on behalf of the Treasurer, who was unable to attend, John Norris noted a good result before interest and depreciation.  He however warned of difficult times ahead with declining membership, a decrease in income from wedding and conference bookings, and increased electricity costs.

The three special resolutions proposed were all passed without dissent.  They were:

  • to combine the long-standing levy with the subscriptions, accompanied with limitations placed on future levies;
  • changes to the nine hole membership category to make it more attractive to members; and
  • extending the discount on subscriptions for ordinary members up to the age of 45 years on a gradual scale.