Course Care & Etiquette


  • All players must carry a sand bucket and repair divots and pitch marks.
  • Holes and footprints in bunkers are to be raked smooth, and rakes placed in accordance with current Bunker Rake Policy advertised on the Portsea Golf Club Website and / or notice boards.
  • Ball marks and other marks on greens are to be repaired in accordance with the rules of golf, and players must ensure no damage is done to the greens by the flagstick or equipment.
  • Players are encouraged to wheel buggies across greens to spread wear and tear.
  • Always replace the flagsticks correctly and play from the tee markers of the day.
  • The player with the lowest handicap in the group is to assume the role of captain and be responsible for the observance of the rules of golf including etiquette, and alert the group to slow play.
  • Searching for a lost ball is permitted for a maximum of three minutes.
  • The group Captain should “call through” following players if waiting, especially when it is apparent the ball may not be easily found.


  • Be ready to play when it’s your turn.
  • Have the distance calculated, your club selected and glove on.
  • Play your shot within 30 seconds of it being your turn. Limit practice swings and make a brief address part of your routine.
  • Be ready to putt. If you are not first to putt determine your line before it’s your turn.


  • Players are to complete and sign a Motorised Cart Hire Rental Agreement before hiring a Motorised Cart. This agreement is to include the person’s Name, Address, Contact Number and Credit Card Details (in case of damage).  The player agrees to all terms and condition defined in this agreement when hiring a Motorised Cart for use at Portsea Golf Club.
  • Carts are to  be driven on Fairways and Paths Only.  Motorised Carts cannot be driven in the rough, within treed areas, on teeing grounds or on or near Greens.
    Carts are to be kept clear of No-Go zones defined by blue lines.
  • Please take note of signage directing where to drive Motorised Carts.
  • Players cannot bring their own Motorised Carts for use at the Portsea Golf Club.



  • Neat and tidy golfing attire must be worn at all times.
  • Shirts must have a collar.
  • Neat trousers and walk shorts are permitted; socks must be worn and be predominantly white.


  • Neat and tidy golfing attire must be worn at all times.
  • Shirts must have a collar.
  • Neat culottes, golf skirts, slacks and shorts are permitted and socks must be worn.


  • Attire as mentioned above and set out below is acceptable in all areas of the Clubhouse for pre and post game refreshments.
  • Smart casual wear including clean, neat denim jeans (Clubhouse only) and approved shorts are acceptable for both ladies and men.
  • Open neck shirts for men, with or without a jacket, are permitted.
  • Shoes may be worn without socks in the Clubhouse only.
  • Golf shoes may be worn in the clubhouse.


The following items are considered unacceptable as either golfing or Clubhouse attire:

  • Jeans and Denim (not allowed on the Golf Course)
  • Leisure suits, ski pants, leggings
  • Bathing or board shorts
  • Clothing with advertising slogans or messages
  • Thongs or Singlets